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Learning Lab 


LL will primarily serve Avanti Clients & Community Partner children to be admitted following our admission policy. All families will receive both academic learning as well as hands-on activities.

What our students learn at LL will help to shape their worldview, motivate lifelong learning, and provide tools for both success and attaining benchmarks in school and life. LL shall comply with California Education Code by keeping all learning activities within the guidelines of the State Learning Foundations and the Common Core Learning Standards.

  • A kid-friendly, fun, and educational environment

  • Kiddie cam in childcare

  • Clean & safe children's space

  •  Kid appropriate furnishings

  • Caring and qualified teaching/care-giving staff

  •  WiFi Access

  • Educational activities

  • Reading Support

Avanti WorkSpaces

Professional Office and WorkSpaces

  • Executive Office Suites

  • Singular Office Space

  • Co-work Spaces

  • High Speed Internet

  • Professional Conference and Meeting Rooms

  •  Receptionist

  • Printing Services

  • Other Professional Services

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